Any Genre Music

Whatever music your party or event requires, our repertoire is quite abundant .

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Miss Jane Chau International Singer

Our female vocalist sings in 4 languages and is Miss Party Primer to get the crowd dancing. The Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, ChaCha Slide she gets them going.

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We do all our own soundwork.

Our sister company does Pro Audio, Karaoke, Lights, Video DJ and so on so we always have the best and brightest sound.

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We aim to pack the dance floor.

Our goal is to get everyone up dancing. It doesn't matter what type of dances your guests like. We know the music that goes with the dances. Line dances, ballroom dances, straight up rock dancing we play it all.


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Next Steps...

This is the part where you go to our contact page and click on the email link and give us additional information to include type of function, function date, age of guests and type of music desired.